“Declare the past, Diagnose the present, Foretell the Future”

– Hippocrates


Advanced Radiology And Medical InnovationS


Our mission is to provide state of the art radiology and healthcare technology services to the industry at all access points. Our solutions have their own unique innovative touches focused on three core areas –intelligence, accessibility and cost optimization.
These form part of our vision for universal delivery of equitable healthcare services.

We provide radiology-based software solutions to healthcare institutions to accelerate workflows, optimize operations and boost revenues.

Our Range of Products

It would be our pleasure to connect with you and help you explore our products and services.

OcularTMWeb DICOM Viewer
R-CubeTMWeb Based Smart Radiology Reporting Software
quantSynthTMQuantitative MRI and Synthetic MRI simplified.
ProtosTMArtificial Intelligence Solutions
RadiumTMInnovative Radiology RIS PACS Viewer and Reporting Solution
diyAITMDo it yourself Artificial Intelligence tool
And more coming..Read more about our products and plans.
Our Services
AI SolutionsWe have an in house Research and Development team working on Artificial Intelligence based Radiology Assistant Tools.
ConsultancyWhether you are buying new equipment, setting up PACS or implementing artificial intelligence solutions in your radiology workflow, we can help you.
Advanced ReportingWe provide second – opinion reporting services with special focus on Onco-Radiology and Nuclear Medicine including advanced AI Based lung analysis.