Ocular is a flexible, light weight DICOM viewer that runs on your web browser. Equipped with all necessary features to easily examine and review any kind of radiological study, it has been designed and developed by a team of experienced radiologists.


Completely written in Javascript for smooth client side experience

◦ Light weight for fast and seamless connectivity
◦ Optimized for Google Chrome, the world’s most commonly used browser
◦ Flexible – can be easily integrated to any RIS – PACS platform
◦ WADO-RS enabled, integrable with Google Drive
◦ Can load native DICOM and .ZIP files directly
◦ Load up to 16 DICOM series simultaneously
◦ MIP, 2D Orthogonal Transform in all three planes
◦ Manual and Auto sync scrolling
◦ Composite DICOM manipulation (blending, subtraction, delta)
◦ Annotate, Label and save images in multiple formats
◦ Create volume masks from DICOM for ML analysis and model creation
◦ Generate quantitative MR parametric maps using quantSynth

With several more unique features to be added.

*User manual to be launched soon.
*Works best with 2 or 3 button mouse with scroll wheel

*Completely free (Test version, OcularTM Alpha 0.2 )