Protos – Greek for “the first” – is the first of its kind Healthcare AI portal. Spanning radiology and pathology domains, our solutions have been hand picked by healthcare experts for specific use cases, be it to reduce workloads by innovative use of AI or to provide unique information through intuitive model design. Built on carefully annotated datsets, our products focus on universal healthcare problems.

AI enabled Renal Assessment

Automatically estimate renal parenchymal volume & craniocaudal dimensions.

Determine early kidney swelling or volume loss due to

  • Drug toxicity
  • Nephron loss
  • Chronic renal failure
  • Acute renal toxicity
  • Early inflammation / infection


right kidney

Parenchymal Volume : 146.29 ml

Maximum cranio-caudal length : 113.22 mm

left kidney

Parenchymal Volume : 136.11 ml

Maximum cranio-caudal length : 103.85 mm

AI Assisted Calculi Detection

Detect renal calculi as small as 2 mm and get absolute HU, dimensions and volume
Build predictive algorithms for characterizing calculi using pathological reports retrospectively

Build Population based Renal Normograms

Can be used for epidemiological screening for early kidney disease based on
Age, Gender, Morphometry…and much more