Quantitative MRI and Synthetic MRI simplified.
Patent Application No. 202241003130 (India)


quantSynthTM generates quantitative MR parametric maps from
three routine MR sequences.
quantSynthTM runs entirely within a web browser
Prior acquired data can be used
Parametric maps are generated in less than a second
Quantitative maps can be used to characterise pathologies
Different tissues can be filtered out and volume can be measured
quantSynthTM is vendor neutral
quantSynthTM can be used in any body part, provided there is no movement
between sequences

quantSynthTM uses the parametric maps to synthesize images of various contrasts.
Scanner Settings such as TE, TR and TI can be manipulated after acquiring the images.
MR images can be viewed in different contrasts for better diagnosis.
As you can see the result of various scanner settings, sequence designing is possible.